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  • A regular seasonal care of your properties plants in gardens, beds, islands, pots. The objective is to develop your properties 'Curb Appeal' beauty, neatness and plant growth/development!

  • Primary Care Techniques

1. Pruning - sizing, shaping, thinning​ and

    deadheading mainly woody plants!

2. Edging - cut bed soil/lawn edge​!

3. Clean up - remove debris waste​!

4. Weeding - remove plants out of place​!
5. Insect/Disease watch - observed, remove

    suspect sample, analyze and apply remedy!

6. Perennial - deadheading, thinning, division

    seasonal care!

7. Mulching, fertilizing, spraying, annuals, planting,

    soil testing, design & minor construction!

  • We offer seasonal maintenance programs including many of the primary techniques listed above for property flower and garden planting beds!

  • The What, Why, When & How aspects of the techniques & science are especially important in:

1. Plant pest problems, recognition of pests and

    signs of plant infestation/remedy options!

2. Plant identification!

3. Environmental problem - soil, light, temperature,

    water, etc.!​

4. Soil problems - plant identification, signs of

     soil/plant difficulties/soil testing and remedy


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