"It's not a job, rather a passion" Landis Scapes answered as I commented that their solution was very hard work.

  • With over twenty years of water runoff solutions, we can end your sleepless nights!​

  • Some familiar water problems about the outside of the building and property!

1. Entering basement window!​

2. Standing near/about foundation!​

3. Existing drain clogged!​

4. Slow to divert flow!​

5. Neighbor's runoff....!​

6. Ponding in lawn!​

7. Erosion!

8. Lawn always soggy and more!


  • Rest easy - drainage winners

1. French drain - dry well!

2. Swale - terracing!

3. Rain garden!​

4. Dry stream - matting!

5. Erosion abatement!

6. Gabion & cage - parging!

7. Settlement pond and more!

8. Archeological drainage systems that is water drinking well and cistern excavation/restoration at historic sites circa 18th to 19th century!


  • Our firm provides drainage plus the compliment of plants, construction, maintenance and design for 20+ years!

  • A turn key philosophy!

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