Mike Landis

VA Public Horticulturist, Certified

VA Class Contractor, Licensed

NC Landscape Contractor, Licensed

Professional Landscape Designer


The passion and journey leading up to our successful 25+ year business run looking back has several elements.


The early interest and intrigue with plants/nature as a teenager began in earnest hiking the many trails of Watchung, N.J. mountains reserve near my hometown.  Those early camping days invariably led to my current hiking and volunteer trail overseeing of the Virginia portion of the Appalachian Trail.  An amazing feeling while clearing timber off the trail to hear a passing hiker acknowledging their sense of gratitude.  This reconnect with nature also allows me to share with new volunteers some skills learned in my horticulture practice including stone and water management work.


Another element growing up was the influence of my engineer father and his dad.  They provided many "fly on the wall" and hands on experiences building structures around the home like stone walls, walks, fences, patios, etc.  Also included where the caring for, installation and growing of plants to garnish property appeal and provide food on the table.


The business competitive drive element had roots from my secondary and college competitive athletics.  The long hours, hard work, success and failures garnered a lifelong spirit and work ethic.  A spirit composed primarily of persistence, determination and passion has served us and our customers well over the years.


Later, my plant focus sharpened with botany and horticulture studies completing a degree initially in Biology and Horticluture later.  This science exposure set the stage for years of practical experience to follow.  An application of Horticulture science is the design aspect which unlocked my talent for developing both the visual and formal coordination of eye/hand placement of concept on paper - design or plan.


The final element, synergism, we fast forward to the present.  That is combining years of practice with the above background elements equates to or results in "our lessons learned".  Essentially you the customer receive the value of our experience from past mistakes, vast knowledge of resources and the updating of our professional credentials provide you an enhanced product/service without paying extra!


I am greatfull to be one of the fifteen percent of the U.S. employed that  is practicing their chosen work/profession which evokes inspiration, passion and gratitude.  This is unlike those of us that dislike their day job and go home nightly to find and work on what they would like to do.


Landis Scapes & Associates A.K.A.

P.O. Box 25164

Winston Salem, NC 25114

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